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tv   10 O Clock News  KICU  September 10, 2010 10:30pm-11:30pm PST

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complete bay area news coverage starts right now on ktvu channel 2. >> take a look at this. this is the ignition point of the massive and deadly explosion in san bruno. good evening. >> i'm frank summerville. a team of federal investigators is on the ground in san bruno tonight trying to answer one key question, what sparked that fire ball. those fires that burned so hot last night are fully contained,
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but the area remains offlimits. while chaos and confusion have subsided, a neighborhood is decimated. officials confirmed four people are dead, more than 50 others injured. they reviced their damage estimates saying 57 homes destroyed, 8 with fire damage. we have team coverage on the investigation and more. we begin our coverage with lloyd. lloyd? >> reporter: frank, i'm at the bay hill shopping center where a briefing just wrapped up 15 minutes ago. this is the command center for the local, state, and federal agencies coordinating the clineup and investigation. tonight there is a glimmer of hope that perhaps tomorrow some of the people who fled their homes yesterday maybe allowed to return home. >> i still want everybody to know that as much as we want to let folks go back to their
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homes, the area is still a very dangerous area. >> reporter: officials say a reentry plan is a priority, but as of now, power, utilities, and sewage services have yet to be restored. meanwhile, the search continues for the possibility of more fatality. 6 dogs will be used tomorrow, but the fire chief says they have no reports of any missing persons. 8 investigators began looking for answers today. >> in my immediate adiesesment was the destruction, the area completely flattened. the melted houses and cars, it was an amazing scene of destruction. >> reporter: the magnitude of explosion was demonstrated by a large section of the 30-inch gas pipe that had blown out on the street. he said investigators will look at the history of the pipe as well as the histories of the
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people who worked on the pipe to determine what happened and why it happened. >> we are not here to determine blame or liability. >> reporter: building inspectors have started red tagging homes. officials want to make sure homes who appear physically okay do not have hidden dangers. >> we have still a significant amount of work to do to be absolutely confident about the structural integrity of the buildings that are -- the homes of our residents. >> reporter: the investigation may take more than a year before a final report is issued. more immediate answers may come in a town hall meeting to be held in san bruno tomorrow. live in san bruno, ktvu channel 2 news. that meeting is scheduled to start at 2:00 p.m. at st. roberts catholic church. the church is right across from the san bruno city park near
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oak avenue. >> we want you to get a closer look at specific streets where homes have been damaged or destroyed. streets are highlighted in red. earl avenue, glen view, claremont and fairmont drives and concord way. the highest concentration is on glen view and claremont. they put up a complete list of homes damaged or destroyed. to view the list, go to our website, and click on the san bruno fire tab at the top. the four people killed in the fire are three adults and one child. investigators say they'll make identifications using dental records but members of the community told us a mother and daughter are among the dead. janet has more on the human loss. >> reporter: two dozen crews picked through the rubble today using search dogs as they moved
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through looking for more victims of the blast that's killed at least 4 people. the recovery effort slowed because many buildings were too hot. >> two additional urban search and rescue teams to assist us as there's quite a bit of rubble and debris that has to be cleared. at the school in san francisco, prayers and love went out today for the family of an 8th grade student and her mother who lived in the blast area. close friends and relatives say the mother and daughter are among the dead. the priest said janessa was student body president and her mother worked as an employee of the california public utilities commission. today at san bruno's parish, members say they are putting the greg family and others into their prayers. some parishioner are waiting to
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see if their family members will survive severe burn injuries. >> the house burned down. >> reporter: church staff say the grandmother was severely burned and is in critical condition. like so many others, each family reeling from the painful toll this fire has taken on the community. >> it's heart breaking to know what's going on, but all we can do is pray to the lord. there's hope. >> reporter: the coroner's office hope to have the names in the next 24 hours. reporting from san bruno, ktvu channel 2 news. a short time ago, the coroner did identify a third victim, a 20 year old. authorities are still looking to id the fourth victim. here's the latest on the injured, 52 people were hospitalized, at least 7 listed in critical condition tonight,
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4 of the critically injured are burn victims being cared for at st. francis hospital in san francisco. doctors told ktvu they'd likely to survive the first 48 hours, which is a crucial time period for burn victims. potential blood donors filled the center today. the wait time to donate was 2 hours. the blood centers said the last time they saw a response like this was 2001 following the september 11 attacks. many of the donors gave blood for the first time. >> i just saw the news on the fire and my heart went out to those people. they said they needed blood, so i thought i'd finally come down. >> the blood centers of the pacific have asked blood donors to hold off until next week. they say the weight time should have eased by then. tonight, many families forced to evacuate because of the fire are waiting to see
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what's left of their homes. some have been allowed back inside but only for a few minutes and only with a police escort. amber lee, live in san bruno with that part of the story. amber? >> reporter: we're on san bruno avenue at crestmoor. this is one of several crest points off limits after the explosion. all day, evacuated residents have been trying to see if their homes are still standing and to return to get necessities. >> we are not allowing access right now. medical emergencies -- >> reporter: on a case by case basis they were allowed 5 minutes inside their homes. >> my mother has a lot of medicine. >> this 87 year old told us she escaped yesterday with only pajamas. >> we need it badly. >> medicine? what kind of condition? >> i have a heart problem, and
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diabetes, and blood pressure. >> reporter: when you ran out, you only had your pajamas? couldn't get anything? >> no, didn't know what was going on. >> what kind of amateurs? >> charles told us the last time he saw his pet was yesterday morning before work and hasn't been allowed to return to his home even though his home is not damaged. frustrated? >> very frustrated. i don't know what to expect. i don't know if it will be open tonight, tomorrow, or when. >> reporter: at a nearby high school, teachers and other staff decided to comfort displaced residents by serving up a dinner with donated food in an event called small community, big heart. >> one block away from that. >> reporter: this couple said they needed the comfort of being among friends and say their home is damaged and are
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grieving for their neighbor's loss. >> people we know, their son has third degree burns, his girlfriend died. we know them. >> reporter: barbara said she expects the worst is still to come when she's allowed back in her neighborhood and sees the devastation. >> just nervous. nervousness, nervous. just rambling, kind of in a fog. >> reporter: back at the check point, we found a happy reunion. >> always get new furniture, computer and tvs. hard to replace your pet. >> animal care and control helped him retrieve his dog. we are learning some residents are not allowing people to retrieve necessities from their homes unless they get a permission tag. the police here are telling us those tags are available at city park on crystal springs road. reporting live here in san bruno, ktvu channel 2 news.
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california first lady visited san bruno this afternoon to show her support. she was briefed of the situation by emergency responders, then went to say hello to people who lost their homes and met some volunteers. she said california will stand with them through the long haul. >> i just wanted to be here to let them know we were here, that everybody is here to help them, that the men and women who make up the emergency response people in california are the best in the nation. >> her husband, governor schwarzenegger is in asia on a trade mission. the governor did acknowledge the disaster using his twitter account and iphone. he tweeted got briefed on san bruno emergency by the lieutenant governor. glad i left the state in good hands. live coverage from san bruno is just getting started. a blast so powerful it registered as an earthquake and tonight we go to pg&e headquarters for some answers.
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warmer weather this weekend, our meteorologist will tell us which will be warmest. the forecast in 10 minutes. >> apparent about face, plans to release one of the americ mmmm.
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determine exactly what caused the pipeline to explode. a viewer sent us two images where it took place. the photo on the left was a google image showing a patch in the pavement. the image on the right is from today. you can see what the street looks like now. also pictures from news chopper 2 to show you another perspective. what caused this devastation? ktvu's debra joins us now from san bruno with more of that part of the story. >> reporter: we're at a neighborhood checkpoint where pg&e trucks have been entering all night. those senate hearings are likely to include resident complaints that pg&e dragged its feet about a gas odor in the days before the blast. if so, it wouldn't be the first time. the gasline is gaping now, over a crater while another mangled section is nearby.
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these pieces and others will provide clues to what went so wrong. pg&e vice president ed solas said the sudden loss of pressure when the line blew set off alarms. he calls the human tragedy jarring to everyone at the company. the blast was so powerful it set off sensors that registered it as a 1.1 earthquake about a block away. the pipe's age, it condition, and maintenance will be scrutinized. the line was 60 years old, built before the neighborhood grew up around it. but with 46,000 miles of transmission and distribution lines snaking under california communities, other neighborhoods have similar pipes. pg&e was slammed two years ago after a natural gasline blew up a house outside sacramento, killing one person. a smaller pipe, but the utility was faulted for a failure to
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evacuate residents. now the management says it will learn from this catastrophe. >> gas is important for heat and we take our jobs quite seriously. we're all shook with this event and will work hard to ensure we understand it so that whatever the root cause, we can prevent other events in the future. >> reporter: just two months ago, in testimony to the state public utilities commission, critics at pg&e had a poor inspection record on gas lines. more immediately there are about 600 people in the neighborhood still without power, technicians say they are aiming to have electricity restored sometime tomorrow and gas sometime on sunday if they continue to gain access into the area. reporting live in san bruno, ktvu channel 2 news. >> pg&e took a big hit today, the stock dropped more than $4 or 8%. in a filing with the securities
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and exchange commission, pg&e said its insurance may not cover the losses from the explosion. san francisco mayor said the city would be working with pg&e to inspect the city's gas line and had a message for everyone. >> if you smell gas, call 911 and let us have that anchor information. >> reporter: he said operators then will direct the call to the fire department. the mayor said too often people don't know whether to call pg&e, the fire department, or a neighborhood. during a regular meeting, the mayor also praised the city's aid response to the disaster in san bruno. our coverage from san bruno continues throughout the hour. ahead, the tremendous amount of aid now pouring into bruin and what's needed the most. at 10:45, an incredible story of two brothers being called heros tonight for their actions
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moments after the explosion. crushing news tonight for friends of a graduate imprisoned in iran. the government mysteriously delayed the release after saying it would free her tomorrow. news reports indicate the 31 year old will remain in prison for now because legal procedures against her have not been completed. analysts say the sudden reverse sal may indicate a split in the top reaches of iran's government. she is one of three uc berkeley graduates imprisoned in iran. at this hour, there is no definite word when she or the others might go free. in less than 8 hours, it will be exactly 9 years since the 9/11 terrorist attacks. tonight american troops are still in afghanistan and iraq. bin laden remains at large, and new polls indicate more americans have negative
11:49 pm
feelings against muslims now more than any other time since the attacks. all this after a pastor is considering burning the koran. president obama tried to calm the controversies. randy has our report. >> reporter: a plea from the president today, religious tolerance. >> we are one nation under god and we may call that god different names, but we remain one nation. >> reporter: on the controversial proposed mosque near ground zero. >> if you could build a church on a site, you could build a synagogue on a site, if you could build a hindu temple on a site, you should be able to build a mosque on the site. >> reporter: he told reporters there are millions of muslim- americans, including muslim troops fighting for the u.s.
11:50 pm
>> they are our neighbors, they are our friends, our coworkers. when we start acting as if their religion is somehow offensive, what are we saying to them? >> reporter: the florida pastor who threatened to burn the koran, the president urged him not to, but a report told us even if there's no burning, damage is already done, the pastor is the lead story in the middle east. >> they are printing this image of the united states that the u.s. is becoming islam scared. >> reporter: they are saying we're the problem. the media maybe inadvertently sending people in the middle east a false signal. that all the coverage must mean the pastor is mainstream.
11:51 pm
he says that plays right into the hands of al qaeda. >> bin laden can go on tv and say i told you so. this is what america is all about. they hate us, despise us, they disrespect our religion and burn our holiest book. >> reporter: it's potentially more damaging of the american image than anything else. ktvu channel 2 news. >> the florida pastor, terry jones was reportedly on his way to new york city. he was planning to meet with the imam, who was overseeing the mosque near ground zero. he has definitely postponed the burning, but said he might still do it sometime in the future. temperatures will continue to cool off overnight and first thing tomorrow morning, chilly numbers, especially in the
11:52 pm
north bay. 46 or 47 degrees. san jose 53. the start now, mostly clear skies, some areas of coastal fog, could be locally dense, temperatures in the 40s and 50s. lunchtime, partly sunny skies, by 3:00, more sunshine and temperatures warming up around 65-90 degrees. pretty nice for tomorrow but already a cooling trend and the one day plan on 60s and 70s. your 5-day is coming up in a bit. the first search missed it. a police chief apology and how a body was concealed in a home. this is one room of donations dropped off today. just
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police are looking for two men armed with assault weapons who armed a jewelry store this evening. they got away with jewelry, cash, and the owner's gun. the men went into the jewelry store, ordered everyone on to the floor and cleaned out the safe. police say they hope security camera tapes help them identify the robbers. >> the police chief accepted blame. federal investigators discovered the body yesterday and said it maybe of a man who disappeared after his father was beaten to death in the same home. police discovered the body hidden in a closet wrapped up and placed behind a false front. >> sealed up in such a way it would evade detection, but also that we did not conduct clearly a good enough search to locate the body which was there when we searched the house the first
11:56 pm
time. >> the coroner was unable to positively identify the remains today. both men are thought to be victims of a man expected of killing 3 other people before he was killed by the highway patrol. the nephew of former oakland city commissioner is once again in trouble with the law. police arrested the 29 year old on wednesday. investigators say they found four ounces of cocaine and gang paraphernalia. he was sentenced in january to a year of home detention for a weapon's conviction. his initial arrest eventually led to his aunt's firing amidst accusations she tipped him off to a police raid. activists are applauding a rule that the military's don't ask, don't tell policy is unconstitutional. the judge wants the policy dropped because it violates amendment rights of gays and lesbians, but it's not clear if anything will change right away.
11:57 pm
the justice department hasn't said if it will appeal. the american civil liberties union sued schools today. they found 50 districts that mentioned such fees on websites. the group says charging for websites, uniforms, and extracurricular activities violates the guarantee for a free public education. a spokesman for the governor said the administration will review the lawsuit. scientists say they think they know what's been killing california sea otters. researchers found a link to a particular poison in the deaths of at least 21 otters. it comes from algae and otters get the poison from shellfish exposed to that water. the sea otters are listed as a threatened species. a community comes together.
11:58 pm
up next, what's being collected and why one center is telling people not to donate there. begin to tug on her, telling her we have to keep moving. >> they helped strangers when they need ♪ i thought it was over here... ♪ [car horn honk our outback always gets us there... ... sometimes it just takes us a little longer to get back. ♪
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this will be the big headline as we head into the weekend. starting out the day with patchy fog, especially near the immediate coastline. see the temperature trend throughout the day. by 12:00, 67 degrees, by 3:00, a forecast high of 75 degrees. friends, family members, and many strangers have been coming out all day to offer whatever they can to those impacted by thetic motion and
12:01 am
fire in the san bruno neighborhood. all that help is concentrated tonight with this live report, patty? >> reporter: organizers tried to keep this center opened all night, and all day it has been the hub of efforts to get people's lives back on tracks. >> toys, books, pull-ups. >> reporter: jimmy chu is trying to create a semblance of normalcy. it's not easy. but an overwhelming outpouring of community support is helping displaced families get through this disaster. >> i have diapers. >> reporter: hundreds of volunteers, many who just decided to show up cooks up meals and helped sort through the thousands of items donated throughout the day by concerned families. >> i can't donate money,
12:02 am
financially, but i figured time helps just as well. >> reporter: agencies offering services to evacuated people. >> shelter, food, get some check money. >> reporter: he survived with second-degree burns says thanks to the generosity of strangers, he'll recover. >> i want to say thanks to them for your generosity and also the fire department, because so hard they are fighting to save our house. >> reporter: the share of support was so overwhelming that organizers said they are no longer accepting donations because there's no room to store them. if you want to help, consider writing a check to an aid organization instead. reporting live in san bruno,
12:03 am
patty lee, ktvu channel 2 news. >> several big-name companies stepped in today. wells fargo donated $50,000 to the bay area chapter of the red cross, levi strauss donated and safeway donated $25,000. we want to give you perspective on just how devastating the explosion and fire was. take a look at these two aerial photos from our archives. look closely at the ones on the left. the trees, bushes, and cars in the neighborhood of the now look at the right, that's a still image of the exact same location this morning. obviously, you can see the charred remains of those homes and everything else that stood in the way of the huge explosion and fire that ripped through that neighborhood in san bruno. the images will be sered into bay area history forever. it was about 6:15 last night
12:04 am
when that fire ball erupted and the chaos was captured by ktvu video editor ron aker. >> reporter: it was a massive boom, boom. it was just a huge explosion, not loud, but we felt the explosion and the heat. >> it was up in the air very aggressively, say 6-100 feet up in the air. >> i thought the world was coming to an end.
12:05 am
i really did. >> terrible, terrible tragedy for our city this afternoon. >> primary concern at this point is identifying and locating all of the residents of the affected area. >> i would ask anybody who sees this broadcast tonight to say a special prayer for those people . >> it was a high-pressure gasline. we could not get close to the line until they could shut down that pipe. >> we have received overwhelming response from all of the agencies up and down the county corridor. >> we quickly responded, wanted to see if we could help out in
12:06 am
any way. >> messy scene down there. >> and stay with the ktvu news team for continuing coverage of the explosion in san bruno throughout the weekend. you can also find updates 24/7 online at economic standoff over a presidential bill. is it stimulus or politics? >> also, ú
12:07 am
12:08 am
president obama today once again calls for the passage of a $30 billion bill to help small businesses. he blamed republicans for the delay saying they are holding
12:09 am
up his attempt to stimulate the economy. >> one thing we can do next week is end a month-long standoff on a small business jobs bill that's been held up in the senate by a partisan minority. >> the president also said the proposal would put thousands of people back to work. republican leaders dismissed the president's criticism saying they don't think it will be able to create jobs. wall street wrapped up with a weekly gain but barely. for the week, the markets finished up more than 1%. federal investigators have widened their probe into possible kickbacks by employees of a hp facility in germany. they are accused of giving money to a contract.
12:10 am
the commission also was investigating transactions in russia ten years ago. in news of the world tonight, in russia, the death toll rose to 17 today after a suicide bombing yesterday in a crowded market. more than 140 others were wounded, no one has claimed responsibility, but suspicion has falling on islamic militants who have been waging campaigns against russian authority. in italy, a river of mud swept through a village today. at least one person is reported missing. heavy rain caused a river to overflow and that triggered the mud slide. a 25 year old woman was working in a coffee shop and has not been found. more rain is coming this week. in iran and else where, muslims mark the end of the holy month today. during the month muslims pray
12:11 am
and fast during daylight hours and practice self denial. then, the three days of eve festival begins and families gather for feasts and to exchange gifts. owners of iphone fours should know time is running out. they will be ending the free case in less than three weeks. the signal sometimes drops because of a design flaw. they are discontinuing the program on september 30 and returning to their normal return policies at the end of the month. some students in san francisco got a leg-up on learning today thanks to a high- tech gift. more than 30 boys and girls got new ipads today. each ipad contains an interactive textbook. the software enables students
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to take practice quizzes and watch videos. the devices were donated to see how students might learn and study with the help of an ipad. . most people would run from an explosion like the one in san bruno. but we'll tell you about two people who ran in and saved lives. and your weekend forecast. which ah, focus group. so what are we testing here?
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that's our new pastrami grilled sandwich. oh, great. hey, are they happy we got rid of the rye bread? totally. they love our grilled artisan bread. they say it's the perfect compliment to the classic hot pastrami, melting cheese, deli mustard and pickles. awesome. hey, um what are we testing in that room? oh! nothing we were just hazin' the intern. the guys who drive a heavy duty truck,
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have some heavy duty demands. like enough horsepower and torque to get out of just about any situation. a payload that beats the other guys flat out. a frame sturdy enough to bear up a max towing capacity that's over 10 tons. and a braking system tough enough to bring it all to a stop. heavy duty demands? gentlemen, your truck is ready. san francisco's archbishop hosted mass this morning in san bruno. people filled the church for the mass. the archbishop told parishioner to keep the victims in their prayers. he also said he's spoken to
12:15 am
several religious assistance organizations and they are ready to help if necessary. from the chaos, confusion, and fear immediately after last night's education motion, there are stories of heroism to tell. one involves the courageous efforts of a retired berkeley firefighter and his brother who watched the blast from blocks away and immediately came to help. from his father's house a half mime away -- mile away, this is what he saw. >> my brother and i were in the backyard doing landscaping work when we heard an explosion. we look up, there's a big mushroom cloud. >> reporter: he said he knew exactly what he needed to do, two years after retiring from the berkeley fire department. >> the heat was intense. the fire ball must have been
12:16 am
100 feet in the air. >> after telling some residents to evacuate, he found a burn victim who needed help. >> she's walking real slow, i can see steam coming off her body. she's struggling. >> reporter: so he pulled his truck down to the woman. >> i began to tug on her telling her we have to keep moving. she begins to collapse on me. i said don't collapse, don't collapse. stay up. >> reporter: with a tough effort, he was able to get the woman, whose name is elenore into his truck and safety. his brother ran into a home where elderly women needed help. >> he ended up running back and forth he told me three, possibly four different times with these women, pushing them up the street. >> reporter: after those efforts, he was there when her
12:17 am
family finally found her. >> reporter: they broke down. they believed she had perished in the fire. all of a sudden she's there. they were hugging and crying. >> reporter: the only reason he was in san bruno was he was working on his father's house. he lives a half mile away. ktvu channel 2 news. school district officials said today all schools in san bruno are set to reopen monday. the park school district closed most of its schools. cappuccino stayed open and had grief counselors on campus. on monday, all schools are scheduled to reopen and each school will follow its normal schedule. people whose pets are missing have a couple of options. check with the humane society or you should go to veterans memorial recreation center in san bruno. a spokesman for the humane
12:18 am
society said if owners can't find their animals, they should file a missing pet report. in weather, the bay area started to warm up today, the warmest location is up in the 80s. the otherric dream, fog reforming near the immediate shoreline. that pattern is being picked up nicely as we come in tighter. could have a few patches closer to ocean beach, but locally dense fog to start out the day, visibilities could be less than a half mile near the immediate shoreline, just be extra careful driving highway 1. as far as temperatures, we warmed up a good 4-8 degrees from yesterday's highs. 70s in san francisco, san jose 85, 80s towards santa rhoda and
12:19 am
liver more. tomorrow, a little bump in the numbers, extended forecast we cool things off, especially into wednesday and thursday of next week. here we go with the numbers for tomorrow. 60s -- inland temperatures upper 80s to 90 degrees. tomorrow will be the warmest day of your bay area weekend as we introduce the cooling trend for the second part of the weekend. this system was around a couple of days ago. today, mostly sunny skies, fog a factor, high pressure returns tomorrow, we are talking about the warmup. more fog sunday, that fog will gradually increase, marine layer increases in depth and we begin to cool things off sunday and monday and tuesday we'll continue with that trend. tomorrow morning, fair skies, fog coverage once again, temperatures start out the day in the upper 40s to low to mid- 50s, then mostly sunny, mid-60s all the way to the 70s and 80s.
12:20 am
warmest locations on either side of 90 degrees. fairfield at 89, oakland is beautiful at 80 around 3:00 tomorrow afternoon. livermore 88, san jose 87, san francisco in the mid-70s, near the immediate coastline mainly in the mid-60s. we'll go 67 degrees. here's a look ahead. temperatures will shave off a couple of degrees sunday, nothing major. biggest cooldown will be near the immediate coastline and monday, tuesday, and wednesday will continue to cool off. this weekend looking nice, but next weekend, still tracking rain chances across parts of the bay area. >> decent rain? >> maybe a little bit, light. >> thanks, mark. a power house goes head to head with an our real national pastime? saving money. and like baseball people love their stats. i started bringing my lunch to work -- 50 bucks a week in my pocket.
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mark is off tonight, fred is here, doesn't get better than this, first place against second place, giants and padres. >> something that hasn't happened since may. giants in first place. if tonight's game was between two cellar dwellers, it would have been lackluster, but these two teams are competing for first place. giants in san diego tonight. sanchez walks 7 batters in 5 innings, padres can't hit their way out of a paper bag. double play to keep it scoreless after 5. giants didn't score until after 7th. huff is able to score from third thanks to schierholtz. look at this, pulled him down
12:25 am
by his pants. wilson gets the final 5 outs to earn his 42nd save. 1-0, giants win, so san francisco claims the share of first place for the first time since ckies won their 8th strai tonight, they are two and a half back. oakland pitcher keeps proving he's not only worth the all- star team but should get consideration for the cy young. first batter, cocoa crisp, robbing kalish. that's his 16th win. suzuki gave him all the runs he needed. suzuki did this. a's win 5-0. they get back to .5 00 at 70-70. quick, who's the defending u.s. open champion? she didn't come to my mind
12:26 am
either. today, williams won the first set, then she makes this great lob winner, seemed to demoralize williams. venus never lost a set to get to the semi final, but drops back-to-back sets tonight. she will play in the final. what a great night for valley high. they open their varsity football schedule under new light, new field turf and a quarter million dollar scoreboard. plus it was our ktvu high school football game of the week. quarterback threw 135 yards rushing, two touchdowns, giving the monarchs a lead. he's committed to cal. monarchs led 15-6 in the third quarter when he makes this
12:27 am
interception and there he goes. he scores to tie it at 13. 4th quarter, zach kline stays cool, calm, and collected, makes a good pass to zach, the other zach. that play sets up the 48-yard field goal attempt. 23 seconds left. he kicks this game-winning field foal. they win the season opener. he had to kick that twice because they called a time out before the first one, didn't work. he made it both times. giants in first place. >> wow, that's great. a high school kid hitting essentially two 48-yarders? >> looked like he could have gone 60. that's really cool for that school who now has a brand new facility. it's brought out a lot of people tonight. it was a great high school football game of the week for
12:28 am
ktvu. >> that is the 10:00 news on this friday night. >> our coverage continues online as always on >> our next newscast is tomorrow evening at 6:00. thanks for joining us. >> have a good evening, everyone.
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